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Want to increase the value of your home? Add gardens...

But wait a minute! Anyone can spend $5000 to increase the home value by $1000. The trick is to make a 'profit' when you do it. A few quick points: 1) Plan your garden. Most people appreciate a well organized garden. If you think it is easier to just let it be 'natural', there is nothing natural about a hodge podge of plants overgrowing your garden. Generally, to most people, this will devalue your home. 2) Time is your friend. Put in smaller plants and let them grow. It is cheaper that way and you have the pleasure of watching them grow. 3) Take care of your plants. An unhealthy plant is generally unattractive. A healthy garden stands out. 4) Water is generally cheaper than replacing plants and see point #3. 5) Think in terms of cost per square foot. An $18 Hosta that grows 4' wide is cheaper to cover a garden than a $4 primrose that only grows 1' wide. The primrose costs $4 / sq.ft., while the Hosta is only $1.43 / sq.ft. 6) Divide plants and expand your gardens with the divisions. Or trade your extras with a gardening friend, BUT only trade for plants that are in your plan! (see point 1) For more tips or help with your home value, message Horticultural Consultants, or call (630) 851-1898.



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